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Acting now will preserve farmland, end speculative development, and enhance farming viability.


Richmond and the entire Greater Vancouver region are fast losing prime agricultural land to the speculative development of large mansions and mega-mansions on farmland.These sprawling estates encroach upon and fragment the farmland with tennis courts, golf driving ranges, multi-vehicle garages, theatre rooms, pools and cabanas, and drive the prices up to levels that are out of reach for farmers and future farmers.


Municipal governments are expected to follow the Ministry of Agriculture Guidelines to Bylaw Development in Farming Areas which suggests to limiting farmhouse sizes to the average size of what would be allowed on nearby residential lots. The Guidelines suggest an absolute maximum of 5382 square feet, a very large house. In Richmond, they currently allow homes more than three times the size of a nearby residential house – 10,700 square feet.


Please sign our letter asking the Provincial Government to step in and make these guidelines the law.



To: John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia
CC: Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture
Andrew Weaver, Green Party Leader

The Agricultural Land Reserve is quickly losing prime farmland to luxury estate developments in places like Richmond. Developed estates often include megahomes of more than 10,000 square feet, plus swimming pools, guest houses, cabanas, theatre rooms, and more.

These estates are driving up the cost of farmland, making farmland inaccessible to farmers, and weakening our agricultural resource base.
We respectfully ask you to revise the Agricultural Land Commission Act, and enact into law the Guide for Bylaw Development in Farming Areas’ limit for residences on ALR land, to a maximum of 500 m2 (5382 ft2) of floor area.

The Guide was created to protect B.C.’s agricultural resource base for food production, and other agricultural options, for today and in the future. It is essential to make its regulations binding as many municipalities are allowing overdevelopment.


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