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Great interview on Spice Radio 1200AM this morning with Richmond FarmWatch's Laura Gillanders, explaining how we are hoping Richmond will finally take steps to preserve farmland by addressing home size. We are hoping the community will come together to realize that this is an important issue to address speculation. Future generations will thank us for preserving farmland. Thank you Spice Radio! ...

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Our community is growing! Thanks to everyone sharing our posts and page.
Public support for preserving farmland is growing with our knowledge of climate change, food security, and international trade insecurity.
Time to reign in the massive speculation on farmland and hold our elected officials accountable for poor choices in (not) planning for future generations.
Time to think with the future in mind.

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Would someone please tell me why this "size limitation" had to go back to staff for more review????? It's not rocket science!! I am so disappointed in our city council! ...

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We are absolutely disappointed that Richmond council has chosen again not to address house sizes and act to swiftly curb speculation when they know it is an out of control issue.

More farmland will be lost. As it has been daily.

They have referred the entire matter back to staff over some smaller issues that could have been dealt with separately, with only Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Harold Steves and Carol Day opposed to the referral.

Please write letters to the paper, write to our councillors, and tell them you will #voteALR this fall. Enough is enough.

Please share.

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City of Richmond confirms there has been another flood of mansion permit applications in anticipation of possible house size reduction.

“In 2018, between January 1, 2018 and March 19, 2018, a total of 16 building permit applications were submitted. The average size of the proposed house is 920m2 (9,910 ft2).”

Another group is stating that the house size has gone down. Share the truth.


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Tonight at Richmond’s Planning Committee Meeting, we are happy to report that Mayor Malcolm Brodie, Harold Steves, and Chak Au voted for lowering home size on ALR properties to 5,382 sq ft (The Ministry of Agriculture Maximum). Although Carol Day supports it, she could not vote at this meeting and so it was a tie, so no recommendation has been passed onto council.

The house size issue will now go to the council meeting on Monday, March 26 at 7 pm.

We need one more councillor to support this motion for Richmond to finally come into compliance with Ministry guidelines.

You can email the councillors below to ask them to truly value farmland by voting to implement Ministry guidelines to restrict Home size at Monday night’s meeting:

Please share widely. Our councillors need to know that farmland is a vital issue to the residents in Richmond.

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