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FarmWatch Press release | Richmond FarmWatch
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FarmWatch Press release

FarmWatch Press release


October 13, 2020


Let’s ensure land speculation on prime farmland doesn’t continue


For decades land speculators and non-farmers took advantage of loopholes in provincial legislation to develop prime farmland into mega mansions and non-farming estate.


After years of BC Liberal party inaction on this issue, FarmWatch worked hard to motivate the NDP and the Green Party to pass Bill 52, which came into effect in 2018, restricting house size in the Agricultural Land Reserve.


“The BC Liberals voted against Bill 52 and introduced Bill 207 to repeal it,” said Laura Gillanders, Richmond FarmWatch spokesperson.


“When Bill 207 died on the order paper, the BC Liberal Party leader, Andrew Wilkinson, pledged to repeal Bill 52 if elected,” Gillanders said.


Richmond FarmWatch believes a vote for any Liberal candidates is a vote to open the doors to a renewed flood of mega mansions on farmland.


Richmond FarmWatch is non-partisan.






For more information:

Laura Gillanders

Phone: 604-723-3686


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